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We’re in rehearsal for a gig at the Black Dahlia! Watch this space!! See the South African fans there!


A Band With a Difference

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At the eleventh Hour A Return to the rock giants
Saturn Returns….comes forth with Fury! Rock N Roll at it’s Best!
Guitar riffs from hell and vocal content to make you ponder….

28 September, 2010 14:53

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Dress up and Blast Into The Past

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Saturn Returns

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Saturn Returns

At last a breath of fresh air in troubled times, the return of composition and lyrical content to open our ears forever. Saturn Returns melds light with heavy music unafraid to break the norms and run against the grain!
Their roots run deep with music that packs a punch, with lyrics that make you Question?
Featuring The Tune: “Marching to Valhalla” a Metaphorical Anthem of Victory for all to sing, as we strive to break free from the shackles of our oppressors. And “Rain Man” a call to the reverence of Mother Earth our planet and our home.


Marching to Valhalla now available to download

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Released December 2009

Marching To Valhalla by Saturn Returns

Marching To Valhalla by Saturn Returns

Download from RhythmMusicStore.com


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