The Band Critical Mass Started out with the first line up in mid 2007.

Malcolm Cameron: Vocals.

Carrick Sugden:      Drums.

Ernie Chang:            Bass.

Steve Coles:            Guitar.

The brand new line up was in Turbo Charge and started out doing some Iron Maiden and Ronnie James Dio covers. It has to be said that it’s two young sixteen-year-old members at the time Carrick and Ernie were a formidable rhythm section and kicked Thunderous Ass! They were formerly with a Metal band that had taken numerous Battle of the band titles.

This Killer line up was unfortunately doomed as Carricks family were making plans to immigrate to Australia. With Malcolm pressed for time running his kitchen fitting business, and Ernie hard at the wheel at college, it led to the inevitable break up.

Steve Coles the relentless Hard Rock Veteran pressed on regardless and recruited Brandon Coles for lead vocals. Together they auditioned a bunch of new dudes and reformed Critical Mass. With Pano Nicolaides Ex COPA grad on drums who in turn pulled in a hot bassist he knew from Music College named Quinton Askes.

With renewed vigor and new blood in the band CM fired up and was back on track. They recorded a thumping original Hard Rock tune called “There Aint No Time” and went on to stage The Classic Rock Show in various venues in Joburg towards the end of 2008. The show featured vintage super bands like Zeppelin, Purple, Maiden, AC DC etc.

Once again alarm bells were ringing on the horizon for CM as Pano is vehemently committed to his B Com Degree, and Quinn making a living as a pro muso was playing with three other bands at the time. This led to distract the bands focus with regards to the direction.

Undeterred by the challenge and lack of commitment to the project Brandon and Steve are forging ahead in the studio regardless, recording tracks for the album Marching To Valhalla. The album is a combination of melodic Hard Rock, Power Metal, Unplugged and also Ballad material. The diverse righting style will take the listener on a colorful and magical journey to other worlds and beyond in our multi Billion Star Universe.

Critical Mass has taken on a new recruit; our new drummer Sixteen year old Greg Coles has recently joined the band. He has been playing drums for eight years, and is studding drums at NSA.  Greg has played Roxys, Back to Basics, and other venues in JHB. He also freelances dep gigs to pro bands.

Critical Mass will go into rehearsals late this year, starting with some Zeppelin tunes for The Classic Rock Show. We will work with a Click Track initially to get things started.


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